Three Most Important Questions to Answer in a Video

Creating a strong presence online is the main goal of digital marketing. Many companies are switching to video marketing to promote the brand and eventually make more revenue. Creating content with a Utah video production company has proven to be very effective in delivering results more than any other marketing strategies. We have been thinking about creating a video to promote either our office or some of the procedures we specialize in. We reached out to friends, colleagues and even patients for their feedback and as we put together a video – we wanted to create a guideline for what is most important to include.

Sharing (Knowledge) Is Caring

The video needs to be engaging to attract the viewers. It is the information that you provide to your viewers that convert them into new customers. Because of this, it is extremely important that when you create a branding video for your clinic, it has to address important concerns your customers have.

The first question that viewers of the video want to know is who you are. The video should limit introducing your professional track record, academics, specializations, and your group affiliation. It doesn’t have to include all your achievements, only highlight the highest honor you received in your chosen career. Introduce your staff. The viewers will be interested in meeting your staffs in advance. Let them flash their best smiles on camera. This will make the viewers feel relieved because they create an impression that your clinic is manned by friendly and skilled staff.

Another question that your branding video needs to answer is what types of services you offer. It is recommended that you don’t generalize all the services you offer in a single video.  You can make a series of video explaining in details about each treatment.  This will lead to more online exposure and more leads. It takes some time to spread out your video so you don’t have to take the risk of losing important information by forcing everything into one video.

The third question your potential clients want to know is what does your clinic looks like. The video should also include a tour of your clinic. A tidy and relaxing ambiance will surely draw a lot of attention. Do not include all the machines and tools that you are using. Even if they are state-of-the-art equipment, there is a possibility that the viewers will feel uncomfortable just by watching them.

This doesn’t mean though that you cannot show the equipment and on what procedure they are being used for. Cutting-edge technology draws a lot of new customers because it shows that you are investing in new tools to make any procedure as comfortable as possible.  Show the equipment in a more welcoming, informative and not intimidating way. Also, highlight the cozy waiting area where patients can enjoy watching TV shows or movies.  This makes the customer feel like they are just visiting a friend’s house and not just a regular dental clinic.